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Alarm System Project

Interface Prototype


Alarm System Project

The goal for this project was coding a interactive alarm system. My project was an alarm system consisting of 3 sensors that all worked together. One was a light sensor a sound sensor and finally a motor sensor.




I needed to create a code in Arduino that used multiple sensors. In this project an alarm system would be a perfect example where I can show my Arduino coding and skills.


Who Are the Users


The users are customers that need a alarm system for there house.




I researched by finding different codes for sensors and engineering them all together.


Then I added lights for a combination lock and a trigger if the door to the alarm was opened with out the code.


Finally I modernly designed the shell of the alarm system and simplified the User interface settings to have it simply function for all.


For the Future


The next step is to expand the range of creativity with bold colors, typography, and UX/UI design. UX/UI is important for usability and value to creative design.


Using 3 or more sensors for a system

  • Date

    December 31, 2019

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