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Power Point



Power Point

What was done:


Created a informative 10 Page Power Point about the children book Andrew at the Opera.


Why it was done:


To gather Sponsor interest in the children book Andrew at the Opera.


Target Audience:


Sponsors are African American Leaders in local community. That want to create a positive impact in children’s lives. Inspiring children to reach for their goals that might are different view of society norms for African American children.




Firstly, researching facts of building children self-esteem, single parent statistics, and parent influencing childhood outcomes. Secondly Designing template of Power Point Design. Displaying important information about the book message and Author. Finally using dynamic transitions to fit the theme of PowerPoint.


Notes for the Future:


Redesign background of deck to elevate color scheme.


Creating Children Book Page Power Point

  • Date

    December 14, 2019

  • Skills

    Photoshop, Powerpoint

  • Client


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