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Finding the Theme of your Personal Brand



Finding the Theme of your Personal Brand


Visual Identification System:


Logo Meaning

The logo is a Pelican symbolizes Purity and the history behind this design was

inspired by the Sanctuary for pelicans in the local city of New Port Richey,

Florida. When I first ported from Upstate I felt a closure when seeing these

peaceful and enormous birds. It brought back memories when I was a child.

Seeing the pelicans by the hundreds untouched by civilization. This illustration

for the logo set the theme for my my branding. Elegant and Hypnotic.

Rules for Placement

The logo should be placed on the top left of the letter heads or at least 80%

seen for marketing advertisements.

Logo in the centered of Business Cards.

White Background use Dark Green Logo.

Darker Background use Lime Green Logo

Color Theory

The colors are Lime Green, Dark Green, and Lemon Yellow.

With these colors I am able to create an illusion. By mixing the proportions.

When mixing a small amount of Lemon Yellow inside Dark green. It creates a

high contrast and darker colors. When Mixing the Lemon Yellow inside Lime

green the colors become lighter and softer.

Pattern Use

The Patterns I are abstract. Showing motion and a mix of organic and

geometrical shapes. I use these shapes to create a texture and repeat the

pattern to create landscapes or scenery.

Font Choice

Domaine Bold for headers and Lato Medium for paragraphs.


As the founder of CRJ Designs Ray Meza is offering high quality and great

service in branding and marketing design; from ideation all the way to

development.  My work includes Book Covers, Motion Design, Poster

Animation, Lyric Videos. Social Media Post.

About the Author

Ray Meza’s mission as a Graphic Designer is to improve the way people

interact with Designs. A centric human approach is necessary Graphic Design

work; With a bachelor’s degree in graphic communication and a minor study

in behavior psychology; Ray Meza uses this approach to create meaningful

designs. Meaningful designs are about researching the history and culture that

the design would bring and make unique. 


For the Future

The next step is to expand the range of creativity with bold colors, typography,

and UX/UI design. UX/UI is important for usability and value to creative




Our main goal is to connect with creative Individuals and offer creative services.

  • Date

    July 29, 2021

  • Skills

    Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

  • Client

    Crj Designs

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