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Product Campaign



Product Campaign


Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the nation with over 200,000 people working for the supermarket. Also, Publix is known for highly-rated items like its subway sandwiches and fresh-baked

cookies. They need a graphic artist to develop a fun motion ad and develop a packaging display of their limited-edition ice cream flavors. The motion ad will be presenting new fall and winter series ice cream flavors

to appeal to younger generations to purchase.


Target Audience:

The ice cream is targeted towards a demographic that includes families with children, teenagers, and adults. The target audience is shoppers looking for organic, all-natural options that are becoming increasingly

important to the millennial cohort as they pass Gen X in market size. Publix is advertising to those that care about family values, eating healthy, and presenting a clean environment.



Social media should be simple and easy to understand following the brand guidelines. The motion ad will be fun and relatable. And it will also have a sense of family caring for the customer showing the organic

ingredients of the fall series flavors. Members of this group are approaching the middle of their working careers and are open to unique flavors.

Design proposal:

I will be designing for Publix’s limited-edition fall and winter ice cream flavors on multiple social media pages. The social media ad will be on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The motion ad will be

played by three actors. One actor will find out there is no more ice cream for movie night, then the Publix worker then says a deal on the fall series flavors and now the family can enjoy a nice ice cream sandwich. I will

also have the Publix brand image ending with a wall drop and product info to incentivize the client’s purchase. The social media motion ad will present key characteristics in a cheerful and cozy art pattern.

Competitive research:

These are some examples of limited edition packaging fall flavors on social media. They show their limited-edition ice cream brand in a special way that shows the viewer the complexity of the container. The

designers also show a crunchy and cozy side of the design by adding a pumpkin design for the fall season.


Create a New Ice Cream Product

  • Date

    June 29, 2021

  • Skills

    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

  • Client


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