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Soda Can

Inca Kola

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Soda Can

Inca Kola is a Peruvian soft drink commonly sold throughout South America. I will be creating a new graphic logo and soda can design for the flavors of the Inca Kola brand. The 3 flavors include Inca Kola (The Golden Kola) which tastes like lemon, Kola Inglesa which has a cherry taste. Finally La Moradita which has a salty and sweet taste from the ingredients of  prunella and chicha morada; a purple corn extract.




Our objective is to create a presentable visual for our upcoming can soda drink.


Who Are the Users


Inca Kola wants to celebrate the diversity in people with this drink reaching all ages and nations. Mainly targeting a new generation. Consumer ages 15-24. Hispanic males who enjoy sports, creativity, and family traditions.




First I researched the branding guidelines of Inca Kola and the colors and patterns that the brand chose. I found that the colors and patterns are about Architecture, Agriculture, and Religion of Peruvian culture. The new logo needed to have a significant meaning to Peru and uphold the brand guidelines. A national symbol of Peru is the Sun God Tumi which is made out of Gold and is represented with geographic shapes, Zigzag patterns. I wanted an abstract outline of the Tumi and the crown to be a lemon slice. That is a common ingredient many of Peruvian dishes.

Next, the design for the can was made with a zigzag pattern of the sun in the foreground. With a geographic shape of a tall mountains of Peru in the background.

Lastly, I experimented with color theory on the colors red, green, and yellow. I found that if you place a small amount of color in a abundance of another color the smaller color would appear darker. Even though it is the same color as before.




The yellow color represents wealth of Peru. Roads were paved in gold during the Inca civilization which were thought of gifts from the sun God “Tumi”. 


Green represents the feeling of abundance, refreshment, and nature.


The color red represents passion and energy.


Then the White symbolizes purity and peace. 


For the Future


The next step is to expand the range of creativity with bold colors, typography, and UX/UI design. UX/UI is important for usability and value to creative design.



Create a logo and Soda Can Design for 3 flavors.

  • Date

    June 29, 2021

  • Skills

    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

  • Client

    Inca Kola, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Project difficulty:


  • Hours to Complete:


  • Designed by Freepik, Illustration by Ray Meza:

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