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Tennis Pro Gear Branding



Tennis Pro Gear Branding

Logos come in many different forms and are used to identify a company. Our client Tennis Pro Gear is an online business that sells sports gear and needed us to create modern logo with a slick design.




Develop a logo that represents the Tennis Pro Gear franchise. 


Who Are the Users


The Tennis Pro Gear franchise will be branding its products with the new Tennis Pro Gear logo. Mainly Tennis products and activewear for athletes.




Creating this memorable logo starts with understanding what the client envisioned and what message they wanted to convey to their audience. 

Tennis Pro Gear wanted to incorporate their products into the logo and have a tennis ball and a court as the key components. Tennis Pro Gear also wanted a modern feel and active typography. 


First, we looked at our competitors, references and developed a series of drafts for this user-friendly logo.


We then tried to balance the logo between two complementary colors. These colors are royal blue and lime green.


We finally revised our logo into the most aesthetic design that represents the heart of the businesses.


For the Future


The next step is to have our products be presented creatively and enhance the experience when interacting with our brand. Making sure the clients find value in what the Tennis Pro Gear is providing.



Developing the logo design concept and capturing the attitude of the brand’s identity.


Developing the logo design concept and capturing the attitude of the brand's identity.

  • Date

    May 17, 2020

  • Skills

    Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

  • Client

    Visual Upscale

  • Project difficulty:


  • Hours to Complete:


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