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Tennis Ball Container



Tennis Ball Container

Tennis Pro Gear is an online store where everyone can buy athletic wear and products. This tennis container would be the first initial design for the tennis balls they have with there logo. It

has an easy to pull off lid and the logo on the sleeve of the container and on the face of the tennis ball. We have to design this product and create a basic format in which we can sell and

distribute our product.




Our objective is to create a presentable visual for our upcoming tennis product. The new logo should be on the container and on the face of the ball. The logo was specifically suited for the

different color backgrounds and be readable for the consumer.


Who Are the Users


The users are customers that want to explore tennis products.




I researched by finding the right type of container that will complement our brand. The type of container is used to store two tennis balls with a easy to snap off lid.


Then I customized the sleeve on the container showing our logo in two different background colors.


Finally I made sure the printing of the tennis ball was in black on the face of the ball.


For the Future


The next step is to expand the range of creativity with bold colors, typography, and UX/UI design. UX/UI is important for usability and value to creative design.



Our main goal was to develop the idea of how we wanted the products to look and how we are going to brand to the public.

  • Date

    May 17, 2020

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  • Client

    Visual Upscale

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