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Hand Drawn Animation



Hand Drawn Animation

During my freelancing project I decided to attempt to earn profit in three months with my graphic design skills. I started by seeing what work I have created before and offered lyric videos to music artist. I noticed that when connecting through different artist one type of art style attracted the most amount of clients. The hand drawn lyric video was very popular for the first month and as I was passively creating this content and earning a fair amount of profit. I was charging twenty dollars a minute, so if the song was 2 minutes long I would charge forty dollars. Then with there was an increase of demand during the second month so I increased the prices. I decided to fully focus my time in this area and find the max margin. During the third month I increase my profit by two-hundred percent than what I started. After reviewing this project I have successfully found my niche and raised over five-hundred dollars in a three month time.

My goal was to create a lyric visualizer that captured the attitude of the artist. A hand-drawn project consisting of over 50 drawings and then colored in with chalk. References I used are “Take Me Back to London” by Ed Sheeran and “Sauce”  the Xxxetention visualizer by Tristan Zammit. The challenges I had were capturing the face of the artist with limited photos and sequencing the colors to create a fluent spill for the transition scenes. Some helpful tips are using the adjectives and metaphors found in the lyrics to give an order to your visual.


Our main goal was to create a vibrant visualizer and kinetic typography that captured the style of the artist.

  • Date

    April 30, 2020

  • Skills

    Photoshop, After Effects, Wacom Intros Pro

  • Client

    Brew Swill,Theez,Atauze,sharizzi,Lee Livitvin, ect.

  • Project difficulty:


  • Hours to Complete:


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