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A Non-Profit Brochure about Boston Terrier Rescue

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. It is sometimes difficult knowing what resources are available. I created a brochure that would effectively inform the pet owner about programs from Boston Terrier Rescue.

Personal Projects

A Non-Profit Brochure about Boston Terrier Rescue


The Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee is a nonprofit organization. B.T.R. dedicates its time to rehabilitatingrehoming, and rescuing the Boston Terrier breed.



The Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee wants to increase awareness about the programs for Boston Terriers.


I will create a brochure for pet owners about the programs offered by Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee.

Thinking Progress

My first thought when creating the brochure, was to find information on its the B.T.R. website. I collected imagesprogram information, and breed facts

Secondly, I wanted to understand the target audience:

  • Adults to Seniors
  • Middle Class/ Upper Class
  • Female Dominate
  • White Demographic

Third, I sketched a landscape out of geometric shapes on both sides of the brochure. Each panel worked together and individually. On each side, there was a dominant panel and the

Fourth, I illustrated the design on a common tri-fold.

On the Outside

I wanted to put company information such as the mission statement and contact information.

On the Inside

I wanted to put the adoption process, helpful resources and more information on Boston terriers.


For the Brochure Design, I used geometric shapes that form a landscape. Adding art principles like depth, weight, and perspective gave the brochure a hierarchy of design. I wanted the style to be inviting and friendly. I used a contemporary design with thick strokes on the circles and images that pop out to add a 3d effect.

The brand guidelines  I wanted to follow the brand guidelines and make sure the font was user-friendly.

 B.T.R. uses paw tracks symbol, and I used it to guide the eye of the viewer. I wanted it to be an inviting look to the audience.

Color Theory

The Light Blue color makes up 30 percent of the brochure and represents unity.

The Purple color makes up 20 percent of the brochure and represents the nobility character of the breed.

The Black/White colors make up 50 percent of the brochure. It represents the iconic colors of the Boston Terrier.


To Conclude B.T.R. hired me to deliver a brochure that will share their mission and help their audience know more about the services. I created the concepts and color theory based on the company and adoption process of the breed. The colors are much in line with the brand. I chose a font that was inviting. Overall the project increased in adoptions, and more patrons supporting the non profit organization.


  • Date

    June 25, 2021

  • Skills

    Ai Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop

  • Client

    Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

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