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Designing a Infographic that will Save your Neck

Text Neck is inflammation of the neck area due to long periods of having your neck in a 45 degree angle when looking down at your phone.

Personal Projects

Designing a Infographic that will Save your Neck


UnitedHealth Group is a health and well-being company offering health care coverage and benefits through UnitedHealthcare, and technology and data-enabled care delivery through Optum.


United Health wants to inform audience about phone addiction new term next neck. Text Neck that is caused by cell phone addiction.


Creating a infographic that will educate about text neck.

Thinking Progress

The first step in the process was to assessing the competition. Learning the color, styles and fonts that are used in

most of the infographics and how the typography is used to attract the target audience.

Secondly, I wanted to understand the target audience

  • Millennials / Gen Z
  • Middle Class
  • Males Dominate


  • Health Care
  • Healthy Living


Third I sketched a few designs on how I wanted the infographic to look and developed a strong concept.

Finally I created the content for Infographic using many reputable sources on this specific topic.



The Infographic Design was created with the target audience as a central focus. 

The Long Neck  was created to add a comedic relieve and a illustration of dramatic effect of text neck.

The Font Choice was to show the

The Theme was a phone messaging that interacted with the audience.

Color Theory

The Green – is the message system color.

The Blue – light blue is an analogous color that is used for user friendly feeling and inviting colors.


To Conclude the united healthcare company has hired me to create an infographic for the rising healthcare risk of text neck a phone addiction term. With the infographic it sparked interest in the health risk and has  raised money to promote the awareness.

  • Date

    July 16, 2021

  • Skills

    Ai Illustrator

  • Client

    United Health Group

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