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Opera for a New Generation

My presentation goes over what makes Andrew at the Opera different and how a supportive role can build self esteem for the next generation.


Opera for a New Generation



Sammee is a self-published writer, that is starting in the industry. Sammee writes children’s books and enjoys creating short stories that will teach important lessons.  




Sammee’s is a self-published author that is starting in the industry. She is looking to gain a following and a PowerPoint for her book to an audience in her community.




I will create a PowerPoint introducing Sammee and her first book at the local library.


Thinking Progress


My first thought when doing a PowerPoint for Andrew at the Opera was to figure out why someone would like to read it.  Much of the original design focused on the children’s self-esteemsingle parent statistics, and parents influencing childhood outcomes. I wanted the PowerPoint to connect to the target audience and relate to the picture book.


Secondly, I wanted to understand the target audience


  • 5-8 ages /Parents
  • Lower/Middle/Upper Class
  • Female Dominate
  • African American Demographic


Third, I gathered facts about researched the topics and the author of Andrew at the Opera. 


My slides topics are:


  • Key Points 
  • About the Book
  • Diversity
  • Supportive
  • Self Esteem
  • Real Life Example
  • About the Author


Lastly, I sketched and illustrated my concepts. Created a deck with graphics and charts to convey the information easily.




The Deck was inspired by Andrew at the Opera color theme and reasons why you would want to read it. The presentation has to be appropriate to the audience with a clean design. I used a balance of white space and simple icons to accomplish this. Stripe patterns and bold strokes are used to have an simple opera theme.


The Graphic Chart was created to show vibrant and simple statistics about Topics of Andrew at the Opera. The Template is icons on the top and content on the bottom.

The font choice for the headings are playful and rough like a childlike personality. 

The transitions created an opera mood with curtain openings.


Color Theory


Yellow- is important to opera; looks like gold and highlighted important information.


Purple – Book theme color with shades and tints throughout the PowerPoint. It also represents royalty in many plays and shows.



To Conclude the client Sammee hired me to deliver a PowerPoint Presentation about her new book to gain new followers and explain the lessons. I created the concepts and color theory based on the Target Audience and theme of the Opera. The font showed a fun personality with the roughness and playfulness of the design. I used the transitions to further the opera feeling and used simple charts and icons to explain the book lessons. The presentation was a success giving Sammee a new audience in her community.


Creating Children Book Page Power Point

  • Date

    December 14, 2019

  • Skills

    Photoshop, Powerpoint

  • Client


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